When I first saw one of these running I really liked it. Being in a basement workshop, I`m limited with the size of the equipment I can have down there, especially floor standing. This is an ideal size, OK, limited certainly to the size I can cut but it`ll certainly give my arm a rest on the small stuff. I get a lot of my stock from the scrappy so I have a lot of long bar, too big to easily get on the lathe so cutting with this saw should be quicker. I suppose we`ll see how much use it gets over the next few months but I think it`ll be a good addition to the shop.

It was pretty much ready to run, I just needed to make a new clamping block to hold the saw in place. The oil pot contains slide ways oil, I don`t know if that is too thick?

Anyone know anything about these machines?….I really need to get to grips with the setup although it is cutting pretty well as is:

I have a second post on the Kennedy Power Hacksaw showing files and additional info: https://www.raynerd.co.uk/kennedy-power-hacksaw-manual-and-files/