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Since my obsession in clocks and watches started back when I was 18, I had dreamed of owned a Cowells. It is only really in the last 10 years that, at times, I`ve been able to purchase a second hand cowells. At the time of writing this, the new price of a 90ME is around £3450. The second hand price is substantially lower but these lathes really do hold value. Over the years I`ve had a few and normally had to sell them due to the cost of family treats (holidays, broken cars etc!). I deeply regret selling my last one which had a whole host of attachments including the wheel and pinion cutter. 

[ux_video url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywqL8GFYXwE&t=7s”]

I also had the opportunity to purchase a 90CW. This was one of the earlier CW models with the collet only spindle. On the newer ones like I have now, the spindle is still bored to accept an 8mm watch makers WW or B8 collet but also include the 22mm register and 3 screw holes to attach a faceplate with M14x1 thread to accept the range of Cowells 90ME headstock accessories. As I say, the one shown in this video is the older version and had I used the newer more versatile modern version, my views would be very different: 

[ux_video url=”https://youtu.be/Hvagb8HW3Wc?si=e8iC1swbUqnXq6Gp”]