Hi Guys

After the sucess and enjoyment of converting my Vertex rotary table to CNC, I thought I`d jump back onto the X-axis conversion. I did try this some time ago and it failed so I didn`t post anything but now looking back, the two shafts were not aligned, only a fraction out but it made the axis twist. Since then and during my rotab conversion, I learnt about Oldham couplings. So a fresh start on the build, a new connecting rod but the same motor mount. To be honest, the setup is going to be the “easy” bit, since it is a stepper motor I want the maximum control that I can get from it but I don`t want to be messing with computers and Mach3. This is where a little microprocessor, some coding and an a little circuit is going to come in which will run all this. Similar to what is running my rotab but I`m going to attempt to make this one !! I`m going to be making a start on that on Wednesday night so I`ll post updates then. As far as the rest of the setup goes, I`m now just waiting the Oldham couplings to joing the two shafts:

Stepper motor and motor mount fitted to the rear end of the X axis, great thing about this is that the handle stays on and no resistance in the motor when it is off means that it maintains full manual use.

This is the part that connects the lead screw of the x-axis to the motor shaft. The thin end will attach to the oldham coupling

This is looking into the end of the fat end. The bar going through the bore locks into the notch at the end of the lead screw and engages it.

Both parts held into position – the gap is the space for the Oldham coupling and spacer to sit.

More updates soon…. Oldham coupling, 0.25″ to 6mm and spacer are on their way