Got the pendulum up and, well, swinging tonight!

Hacked off a 4″ (just over) length of 2″ dia silver steel:

Drilled it through 6.5 mm to make an oversize hole for the pendulum rod

I re-drilled the top 8mm to a depth of 10mm and then I turned up some bushes out of brass for the ends with a 6mm bore to accept the pendulum rod

The hole pendulum unit was assembled:

And then a picture for those of you that don`t know what a pendulum swinging looks like 😆 Hey, I had to include it!! Photo is rubish but here you go.. in action:

I`m going to need a quick stand so I can easily remove the brass back plate from the wall and then place it back on to test. I don`t know if there is any way of doing this without the faff of unscrewing it each time.

So a bit of time tidying out my workshop tomorrow and then I`ll make a start on the count wheel. Then I`ll move back to the pendulum pawl brackets and then hopefully I should be able to get a minute timed out by the pendulum dragging the count wheel forward….obviously at that stage the clock will stop after a few mins because it`ll get no impulse but I`ll be able to check the general mechanism is working!