I was reading about cutting the spring steel this morning and apparently you punch it out. As per Wildings instructions, I folded over a strip of brass, marked out on both the template and the spring steel:

I made this punch but stupidly have rounded the edges so I`ve not ended up with a good clean cut. It worked really well and I did get a disk, but it has pressed the edge a little.

I then went on to make the top clamping bracket:

The whole lot suspends from the bracket I made in my last post. The plans call for 2BA studing but I just cut down a long bolt, turned down the ends and rounded them:

Cutting off two 7/8″ brass disks 1/16″ in thickness. I then went on to mill a flat on the top and tap one 10BA and the other drilled clearence

Both John Wilding and GadgetBuilder stress the importance of the spring steel being square to the brackets. Wilding suggests this method to lock it all down square:

And the final setup:

and now fitted with the invar pendulum rod.

Pendulum next….