I managed to make the lower pendulum clamping bracket this evening which was a really nice combination of milling and turning. The part will hang off the bracket I made earlier with the pendulum rod screwed into the bottom.

I started with a rough cut 1. 1/2″ length of .5″ square brass and milled a 1/4″ slot at the end.

I then rought cut a 1/4″ piece of guage plate, milled one side flat, butted it upto the edge of the groove I`d just cut, clamped together and bolted it through:

Tidied each side up in turn, stopping just short of the brass width:

I then transfered the work to the 4 jaw and centred it. I drilled the end 2.BA for the pendulum rod and turned down the square to round (I think this is just for looks)

Finally finished with a countersink on the clamping steel and used a nice 4BA screw. Here is the part finished:

The spring still is clamped between the brass and steel sections. The other end connects to the pendulum rod. Tomorrow I`ll try and get some done on the spring steel and top clamp…