This is the brass sheet required for the construction along with Wildings build book, some spring steel and the nylon chord.

Just some proof of the validity of my story about the 2″ dia steel bar coming from my original purchase of these materials. I don`t know why I never sold this piece and equally don`t know why I didn`t order this piece when I re-ordered the materials last week. Freaky…. notice the news paper it is wrapped in – 2004!

Here is the paxalon rod and the Invar. I`ll be using my Invar now I`ve got it for the pendulum rod anyway.

The rest of the materials – lots of imperial bar stock is on order still from College Engineering Supplies. It has been a week now but I`m guessing the order is quite fiddly with lots of different sizes in small quantities. Hopefully it`ll arrive this coming week.

So I made a start. The first job is to simply prepare the back plate which was £22 of brass! The plate is 9″ x 6″ but the material is 13-14″ x 6.1″ as the excess is used for something else. First job was to cut off the excess. I prefer to spend time setting it up on my mill and cut it that way as it leaves a good finish and I prefer it to sawing., besides my saw wouldn`t cut all the way so I`d need to meet from either side which would be doomed to failure. This worked really well using the brass square section to clamp it onto a pair of parallels.

I filed the edges square which took a while but worked really well, nice and square. The file is slowly becoming my friend!

The next job was to drill three 5/32″ mounting screw holes, 2 at the bottom and 1 at the top and then soft solder some 1/16″ thich washers to the back of the plate to lift it away from the mounting board when screwed down. I didn`t have any 1/16″ washers and although it isn`t critical, I decided to make some. Here it is soft soldered and quickly tidied up. Needs a little more work to remove a little excess solder but has turned out well so far.

Next job is to make the pendulum mounting bracket.