The clock is now complete. To see all the posts about this build click here:

You`ll notice, hopefully, that it has all been gold plated. I`m never very pleased with my work and I must say this looks smashing and it is so difficult to get a good picture of it! The gold is so well polished and reflective that I just get glare but then with such dull winter days, I still need a flash! Anyway, I think you`ll get the idea.

Here goes…hope you like it.

Clock mounted on the wall without weights and pulleys

I`ve just finished making two brass countersunk washers to replace the large ugly steel washers but I took the picture earlier today:

I think this shows off the gold plating the best! I`m very please with it and a good skill to have learnt and the kit wasn`t much more than I`d have paid to have it plated by someone else.

So things to do/finish:

1. Fit the new brass washers.
2. Blue some of the screws and find some M4 screws that can be blued!
3. Make new pulleys for the weights – started this a few days ago and spoilt them both!!
4. Get the new dial numbered.

Feels good to have it on the wall and running!