I`m terrible at design and getting things in proportion, so for the face, I mocked it up in CAD and then made it out of a card template just to see what it looked like:

(the bar code is a nice part of the design 🙂

Happy with the size and mounting positions and also getting the nod approval from a few of the forums I visit, I went ahead and ordered a piece of glass to be water jet cut. I had to take the glass to them, just normal picture frame float glass. Being so cheap, I actually took them 3 pieces “just incase”. I was very pleased the next day when they rang me to tell me all three had been cut for the price I thought I was paying for one. At least this now gives me one totally spare and then two to try different designs of numbering and marking.

In my opinion, the glass looks amazing in person…pictures do it no justice. It looks plastic on the photos but is clearly glass and has a green edge in the light! I couldn`t be more pleased.

Perhaps a little over the top, but I made a little video as sometimes the video function on this cheap camera gives a more life like shot that the still photos…gives you an idea!


I need to find a dial painter now!