I completed the “gated detent” earlier today. This is a critical part, it allows a single pin on the pin wheel to slide through the gate but catches and holds the next pin until the next impulse.

The paddles were made from 0.02″ steel shim but I couldn`t find anything suitable, so I butchered one of my very cheap shim gauges. The price of the gauge was no more than I would have been willing to pay for a suitable piece of stock. It was a pain because it was hardened or stainless? I could only cut it with a dremel grinding disk which worked quite well.

When an impulse occurs, the paddle tips down and a pin slides along the top of the top blade and falls throught the gate where it catches on the lip sticking out on the bottom (the bottom paddle). As the deten tips, it tips off the pin from the bottom paddle/detent which then accepts and catches the new pin.
It was very small, the bottom paddle sticks out only 1/32″ but can be adjusted by the bottom screw.

Next onto the mountain brackets. Here is the adjustable bracket that holds the gated detent in position:

..and mounted;

Now I`ve moved onto the deflector piece:

Roughed out:

and then filed to shape with pawls attached:

Hopefully get this piece mounted in the next few days…