It has been over 2 weeks since I updated and I can honestly say I`ve been working none stop on the clock with very little to show. The pin wheel had been damaged and some of the pins needed removing and resecuring in place which took a few evenings. I also have been doing a bit of work on the daisy wheel but nothing to show yet. However, I have made more progress on the weight setup shown below.

I`m doubling over the weights to give me a shorted pendulum drop per day. This requires two more pulleys making (shown in the second to last picture) and also a new jockey weight with a pully.

Here goes, sorry, too many photos really but I took them so may as well post them…

I took this piece of brass someone kindly donated to me a few weeks ago and turned it to a good finish.

I then cut a groove in the end:

I then took a piece of brass bar to make the end cap. I always always struggle making something a friction fit, I`m always either just too big or just too small. So this time I turned a little lip at the end and turned it down until the bar would “just” fit with a bit of pushing into the groove. I then backed out 2 thou and parted off a disk:

Used a bit of loctite and hammered it in place. Popped it back in the late and faced the end flush. You can`t see the joint!

I then made a screw on lid so that I can add lead weights as needed:

The hole in the lid is for a lever bar to screw the lid on and off, which is why the drill is in there… a good way to snap drills 😀

I then made the pulley for on the top.

Made a screw for the pulley axle:

Then I made the pulley holder which I decided was too big, so the black mark is where I decided to chop it in half!

Looks much better now without the top piece but it needed a hook to tie the central line.

I did a little more, decided to make a hook to fix my “issue”. Looks ok imo and I think I prefer it to the solid body. Maybe the hook could be a little smaller?

Here is the new pulley layout:

I`m going to have to make my weight narrower than I thought. Adding the extra loop in the pulley setup has thrown the chords nearer so they will clash if I make the master weight much wider than the dia of the master weight pulley. The clock is running now, so once I have the weight that works, I`ll make it from brass solid.

It has been running now for another 24 hours and there must be more friction with this new pulley setup so I could have a much heavier weight which moved nicely to give the pendulum a “good” impulse.