When I built my CNC machine last year I purchased DFX files from woodentimes online. I never looked at the files in detail, getting distracted as I often do and so last week I emailed David to ask if he would kindly resend the email, which he did. Over the last week I have been busy purchasing bearings, carbon fibre rod, beech chopping boards(!) and other odds and sods to build the clock. I also used v-carve to chop up the DFX files into pieces that my CNC machine could handle due to the limit bed size. I started cutting the plates over the last few days. Interestingly, I also asked an local ebay seller to laser cut the plates (who did it for the same price I paid for my ply wood alone!!). I did this for two reasons, firstly because I’m curious about one day making a laser cutter and secondly, because I wanted to compare my CNC cut wheels to accurately profiled laser cut wheels – basically due to my lack of confidence in my CNCing ability! Incidentally the CNC has turned out well so I am intending to build two clock at the same time… A CNC clock and laser cut clock.

Here is part 1:

Part 2
It was all looking good!!

I initially used a mix of what I considered the best parts, but it was a bad move!
You can see there is clearly a problem with the drive through the main train:

Finally the last few weeks I got around to sorting out a new front frame. David has been a fanatic help all e way through the build. I replaced the frame and also the intermediate wheel and it seems to be running ok now:

I’m going to get it into the living room tomorrow if it passes the over night test!! Other than possibly paint the hands white, I don’t think I’m going to do so much with it. I also might use a polished steel weight rather than brass – I’m not very good with aesthetics but thing it looks quite fresh and modern all light wood – or unfinished :-/