This is my first attempt at a wheel blank arbor. I`m sitting it straight into the 3MT of my Boxford headstock using a 2MT to 3MT sleeve. This will allow me to take it out of the lathe, remove the sleeve and transfer to my rotary table on my mill.

I first started out by cutting my wheel out in rought from brass sheet:

I used an open sleeve and my intention is to pull the arbor through with a long drawbar – unfortunately, I didn`t have anything long enough so for now I used live centre (probably not best as it was pushing on the bolt) but in actual fact, it was held solid and didn`t spin just in the MT alone.

..and then taken down to size. It looked to be running true using the live centre but should be more accurate when using the draw bar:

Hummm, then wondered how the hell I was going to get it all out! I went to have a look in the box that came with the boxford and found this lying next to the collet draw bar – just the job!

So this is what I have so far … now need to harden and fine tune the cutter and then mount the wheel arbour directly in the rotary table 2MT centre