Finally, I have made a successful valve after many failed attempts at one piece valves. With the shaft being so narrow at 3/32″ I just couldn`t get a good finish with 1″ sticking out the chuck. So a huge thanks to my engineering friend Rodger, who kindly offered to silver solder some .25″ heads onto 3/32″ drill rod shafts with me, so that the valves could be machined from these blanks. I haven`t done any silver soldering so although I did consider this method, I couldn`t attempt it.
Once I had these blanks at home, it took me 10 minutes to complete the valve, including cross drilling the 3/32″ shaft 1mm, which surprisingly went just fine!
I`ll show pictures of the valves once complete and polished, but here is a quick photo of the first valve I made with the 3 other blanks behind it (I only need 2 valves, so we made 2 spares!!)