After many many hours of troubleshooting, I managed to get a proper run from the engine. I just don`t have any throttle control at all. It meant to throttle adjust by adjusting the fuel/air mix on the petrol tank, I`ve seen others doing this as well but mine seems to have little effect. I`m going to have to add some sort of butterfly valve to hopefully throttle the mix.

There seems to be no “give” in the air intake position, too lean or too strong and the engine is just killed. I have had it running for many many minutes now but I`ve taken these photos to show you my problem. They are not necessarly the best examples of smooth running, just that it is working but I can`t control it.

The only slight control I have is if I put my finger slightly over the air intake into the vapour carb. Even then the control is so tricky that I often end up killing the engine as shown in both clips below. The engine will run for several minutes until it is too hot and I knock it off but I can`t control throttle at all.

I shouldn`t moan – at least it is up and running!