I started work on Jan Ridders vapour carb. The following pictures and comments were taken from a series of forum posts I made over a weeks or so period so if they are a little disjointed, that is why.

I couldn`t find any brass tube at a decent price and when I went to my local scrappy yesterday, I picked up the solid bar end for less than I would have paid for a length of tube.

Since I don`t have any silver solder (will pick some up at the Harrogate Show), I wanted to keep any soldering to a minimum. Rather than bore a tube and then cap it, I figured I may as well leave one end solid. Here it is part way through machining.

Jan suggests 45mm inside diameter, the only glass disc I could get my hands on was 50mm!

And then finally machined down some more and also the recess made for the glass disk – the glass disk which is the fuel tank viewing window is actually in position in the photo, so looks good and a nice fit! I`m a bit worried about sticking it in place and getting a good seal!

I turned the OD of fuel tank / vapour carb down to make a nice looking brass cup 😀

The top air intake is two piece. An M10 tapped insert soldered into place to allow filling of the tank and then a screwed insert for the air intake reducing the air intake to an 3mm hole tube. The shoulder of the insert is contoured on the shoulder to allow it to sit nicely on the tank. I couldn`t for the life of me think how to do this and so a friend and fellow madmodder suggested a two piece design, where a washer is used as part of the shoulder and the washer filed and sanded to shape. This worked really well but I would be interested to know how this could be made from 1 piece as per the plans

The fuel/vapour outlet tube was then made…not the best photo but all the parts here are ready for soldering..

My sophisticated soldering setup…the cooker top.

And then all polished up… I`m really pleased with it! I just need to make the main air intake insert and the nut which covers the additional air intake on the threaded outlet, glue on the glass viewing window and put it on a stand and then I`m done. Getting there…!

The images previous didn`t include the intake tube insert or the air intake adjuster nut..

Is that enough…or perhaps one more? 😀