I only had an hour one night to make my boring bar from a 0.625″ silver steel bar and small piece of HSS. I also found the wood I needed to mount the cylinder (I lied, I didn`t find it, I purchased 8 foot for only 12″ )

I have to admit, I was concentrating so hard on the next bit that I have mocked up for the picture below, the bore was actually cut!!

Here is the wooden block:

I actually used this cutter for the wood, the other was too fine a point and was ripping the wood rather than cutting it. Cutting the bore was also good practice!

So here is the mock up – as you can see my bar was 0.625″ so only needed a small projection of the cutter. It was nice and sharp and the cast just powdered off.

Bore all nicely cut and final cylinder ready!

Well this method took a lot of effort and many hours of extra work in making the necessary tools but I`m really pleased with how it turned out and certainly another method under my belt for future. Good finish as well! Bore is bang on 0.875 perhaps touching 0.876″ – certainly good enough for me and I hope good enough to run!