I have managed to get a little more done on the frames / supports for the Webster Engine. The first one to attempt was the cylinder support. I bored the blind 1″ cylinder neck support in the 4 jaw on the lathe. I`m becoming increasingly fond of m 4-jaw, it use to scare me but now it is becoming a good friend! Sadly the material I was hoping to use for the cylinder support was not wide enough and the only thing I had wide enough was not long enough. As I didn`t want to purchase more materials, I have used what I have and added a brass rising block to increase the length.

Then for the long support whittled from this piece of ally:

All the parts resting on each other with a little block under the cylinder to stop everything falling over!

Parts so far:

I just need to decide on the base material now so I can start to bolt things down but I`m not 100% happy it is thick enough. I might just have to bite the bullet and and purchase something a little thicker – but that is going to cost 🙁