I`ve had little time over the last few weeks to spend much time on the Webster but I feel the few hours I had at the end of last week has pulled me back on track. I`ve finished the con-rod, drilled and bored true for the bearings in the main supports for the crank and also made the crank as well.

I decided to solder the crank together. I`ve done very little soldering and it didn`t go too well. I didn`t get the part hot enough and so the solder clumped on the metal rather than flowing in the joints. I got there in the end but there was more tidying up of the part than should really have been needed.

Here are the parts assembled along with the base and con rod. At all joints which require bushings on the plans, I`ve used bearings. My intention is to use a bushing on the piston wristpin.

And finally the parts “posed” together! The gear under the cylinder is proping it up as it isn`t bolted down just yet.