Well this is it for now – it is almost finishd, infact I`ve got a bit further than the pictures go because I have now stuck the keypad on the front and made a cheap bezel to hide the screws and frame the display. Still needs a few finishing touches but they are for asthetics, it is fully working now and in position.

The keypad is a standard 4 x 4 matrix which comes with standard number inserts. It took ages getting the alignment right in MS Word and I`m sure there were far far better ways but I eventually got somewhere close and that I am happy with:

And then the box – Maplins Electronics Housing, was a pain to cut, it wanted to split. You can see the two connectors at the bottom, left is a 2.1mm power jack to connect to my old spare laptop charger (which powers both the driver and the indexer) and on the right is a 4 pin DIN connector which I`m using to couple the stepper motor to the box. Since the indexer has 5 profiles for different devices I wanted to be able to change the motor quickly and easily.

This is posed, but I wanted to see what it will look like mounted on the wall next to the mill and well it will look something like this (since the picture was taken, it has now been fitted on the wall). I have printed a mount or bezel that fits around the display, covers the screws and neatens the edge.

I`m really pleased I`ve gone down this route and it has worked really well!