I`ve been busy recently moving my shop down into our cellar. It is an old coal bunker that has been converted to a storage space and then I`ve put up some shelves and work surfaces, decent lighting, high security alarm and made it a nice little work space. It is amazing how much I`ve been building up my equipment, I started off with literally just a Clarke cl300m, some allan keys and a few spanners and now I`ve got a pretty well kitted out workshop. Anyway, here are some pics…

Overall shop view:

This is the bench with my little lathe and my mill – I need to cut down that chipboard top but infact the overhang stops things falling off the work surfaces. It will look better, so will cut it down when I get time

The boxford, computer and layout/planning area..

Got this layout plate for £10 at RDG – amazing buy as I have seen smaller plates go for more on fleabay

Grinder and little draws – I need to make some shelfs for the draws as currently you can`t get in them without disturbing the entire row:

Each draw is pretty much full with different types of screw in different containers

My tap draw – metric: