I`ve not made any updates in a while as I`ve been working to get my gearless clock up and on the wall! I`m just waiting for the case to be built so in this time, I have a few jobs to do, first repairing this synchronome:

I`ve managed to source a pendulum bob and invar rod, so now I need to make a pallet and suspension.
Using the advice on the forums I started machining the new part:

Now I just need to speak to the guys on the synchronome group to find out how to fit the count wheel pawl.


I finished the entire clock today and rather than put it in a new thread, I just thought some of you might be interested so here you go…

Well the pallet was finished and I made up a gathering click. The part looks well with the rest of the clock in my opinion:


Just need to sort the electrics out now ….

Any my wife even likes it and it has made it onto the wall!!