I`ve spent two nights on this now – and things are going slow…but what is the rush I guess!! I was hoping to bolt everything down (drill and tap) and then get the cylinder machined. It has taken me 2 nights to make the jigs, drill and tap and also just face up the cylinder to tidy it up.

Jig bolted to the bottom of the standard for drilling the feet

Now on sole plate

…and on the boxbed

Holes drilled and tapped – here it all is assembled! Well the holes align at least 😀 Looks good imo!

Cylinder Casting before

Then I read the 10V book and he suggests plugging the bore and marking out from the curved half of the cylinder outside to find the centre of the cylinder bore section. It does say in the book that you need to find the centre based on the outside as the datum, not finding the centre of the current hole in the casting.

Now my first question – I didn`t go any further than this but here we are with the cylinder centered ready for boring and facing.

Well it is late…off to bed!!