This is a bit of an old post but I haven`t updated anything for a while so I thought I`d put this up. Sadly no construction pictures but this was a good attempt at a ratchet wheel for the 1″ Minnie Traction engine. I don`t really know why I made it, I wanted to practice cutting a wheel and have a brake from clock wheels so decided on this! I also fancied using my cnc rotary table. Other than that, no reason and a totally random build!!

It is made from silver steel and hardened and matches the plans of one of the ratchet wheels needed for the 1″ Traction Engine. I started but cutting the wheel to size and then cutting the tooth profile along about 1.5″ section of bar! This gave me enough stock material to make about 6 ratchet wheels. Sadly, I cut them the wrong way around and consequently lost most of the stock! Still I got one from it!!

I was going to chuck it on the back of a shelf but then thought I`d put it on ebay and sold it with the promise that I`d happly refund all money on it if it didn`t fit. I got a good price for it and they were very happy with it, apparently slotted right on!

Here are the ebay pics: