It has been a while, in fact, it seems longer than a while…ages since I have last made a post!

In the interest of logging all my projects as a diary of my work, I’m going to post a series of videos of a build I did this summer. I attempted to build my daughter a penny pusher after a enjoyable holiday to St Ives in which we played on these machines on a number of occasions!

I started July and sold the machine near complete in November. I made it too big, too life size and it was taking up too much room. Tears were had (and my daughter cried a little too 😉 ) but it really needed to go.

I`ve not been in much so have been working on the code side for the change machine I`m building into it.

Purchased a 10p hopper and connected that to an arduino:

Then I purchased a coin acceptor off ebay and connected that to an arduino:

Next step is to make the hopper and coin acceptor talk to each other!

I`ve also built in some genuine coin shoots which also checks the coins are the correct ones! Pictures to follow.

After 2 weeks, the code is very nearly there. I have a lot more to do in terms of some additional features but proof of concept is there!!! It works.

So the coin acceptor is going to go at the top of the machine and it will dispence coins into the win tray.

Thanks to people who have helped via email, pm and even facebook! Thank you,

I don’t get a lot of time in my workshop but writing this code has sucked up a lot of shop time so back to building it now!

Painted a first coat on the case – arcade red. Fitted pink car stereo although this will be covered, speaker, coin selector and all the electric are in and now sorted!

Lots more to do but a good next step…

Once again, weeks and weeks pass with only short spells on this machine. In all honesty, I’ve had enough now and just want it finished so I can get on with some metal work. Anyway, here is the coin splash feature I designed. It is by no means perfect but the concept works and admittedly I expected this to be a complete disaster. Thoughts, opinions and suggestions welcome.