I managed to finish the more critical bottom cylinder cover today. As I mentiond in my last update, I needed a 5/32″ reamer, I could have waited until the midlands show but a local friend I have recently made had one on hand to lend me so I could continue! No much to say (for a change) and had no camera with me, only my phone camera!

Turned down the central cylinder bore register, drilled and reamed right through

Turned it over and my nice chuck could hold the register (as guided in the original 10V book, but I think in the current ME articles he makes a jig or arbour for this bit) I then drillled this almost all the way through and tapped it 5/16(?) x 26tpi.

Parted off and it was finished… it took a bit of thinking this part but it worked out just fine

Bottom cylinder cover mounted on standard

…everything together so far:

Feels like it is coming along nicely. I`m just waiting for my first disaster!