Well first problem this evening was of my own doing! I`ve managed to do a superb bore that I`m really pleased with and then I went and faced off the bottom but have not taken quite enough off. I don`t know how I`ve done it as I`ve checked and double checked but I`ve pulled it off the lathe with 0.03″ to come off the full length and then realised that will make it short on that side!!

The cylinder should be 1.125″ length with the ports symmetrical. My cylinder is 1.155″ with the ports symmetrical and centered!

So my dilemma is that I need to take .015 off each side but of course now I`ve done the bore and faced up the bottom side symmetrical to it, I can only remove material from the one side (the full 0.03”). I know for sure I`d mess up my bore if I tried to recentre it and I don`t have any more material left to centre and then take a few more skims to true the bore up ….

EDIT: I have since realised that this is irrelevant, although not ideal, as there will be enough adjustment in the con rod adjusting nut to remove this 0.03″ of play and still have the timing perfect. The 0.03″ was taking off the top side to maintain the cylinder swept volume.

My Go-no go gauge I knocked up for testing the bore:

I don`t know why I`m putting this up as this is where I`ve mucked up!! I need 0.015” more off this side!!!

Despite being deflated with my muck up, I still wanted to mock up the sort of setup for truing up the steam face I`m going to use later on. This is what I was thinking – I will remove the vice and bolt the angle plate to the table: