It is now late January 2013 and back in November, I purchased the plans and brass for Parslows skeleton clock. After having a son born in December, I expect I can be excused in beginning this build!

I’ve made lots of plans in my head about this build and actually I’m currently insistent on trying to build two of these clocks at the same time. My plan is to stick to the plans on ones clock and try and be a little more flexible on the second clock, possibly CNC frames and a more different look to the original.

I wanted to try the hardest part first, the pinions. I used some 8mm silver steel, turned it down to 5.69mm OD. I put the full cut on of 1.49mm and at low speeds of about 120rpm, started cutting with lots and lots of oil and a slow feed. The steel was not supported by a tail stock and so under the microscope, you can see slight vibration marks. A lot of hard work in polishing these pinions has started to bring any marks out the pinions nice and clean. The end has been centre punched a touch too far, so I’ll need to turn a couple of mm off the end before I drill and ream then part each pinion to size. I’ve turned up 1″ of pinion so have enough to make quite a few of the 8teeth that are called for however will need to make another lot up. It would be nice to try a tail stock but a. I don’t have one for my 4″ vertex and b. the tail stock and centre would get in the way of the cutter without some thought,

Anyway, the fruits of this evenings labour.