It seems that as these machines are getting harder to find, they are often in need of repair! This post hopes to give details on the Kennedy Saw. If you have any info or pictures of the saw please email me!

I don`t often post with none project related information but since I get an awful lot of questions regarding my Kennedy Power Hacksaw, I have posted the manual and other info related to this saw.

These manuals are often sold on ebay or similar websites, so if you wish to make a small (£2-£5) donation to the site, it would be greatly appreciated:





Information & Pictures from “Russell”:
The rod in the centre of the piston goes through the hole in the casting . The spring then hooks on the end and down to a peg on the casting to provide pressure on the blade. The other rod screws into the piston and opens the valve which is simply a thin disc of metal which you can see in the picture. There are half a dozen holes in the piston for the oil to flow through