I`m really pleased. Here is what has changed since my last attempt:

1. Clockmakers CZ120 engravers brass, I would never bother trying with soft brass again!!
2. A new sharp hardened cutter
3. My new CNC rotary table which worked a treat!

I`m really pleased. I`m going to re-do it as I still feel the teeth are a touch spiral which indicated my cutter was not centre. I spent a good 10 minutes eyeballing the centre with a dead centre held in the rotary table and locking the Z-axis to position. I`m certain it was centre so I need to work out what was wrong, perhaps the cutter is not sitting parallel?

The wheel could possibly run OK as it is only a fraction out and barely noticeable but I think I`ll go for a re-make. Just need to figure how to get this bob on centre height.

These pictures are still on the rotary table with the teeth just cut. They have since been dressed and cleaned up. The difference is the flakes that are still on the photos just flick off and rub off with fine paper where as with the soft brass in my last attempt at cutting, the brass flakes left behind were smudged and could not be cleaned.