I next went on to make the pin wheel over the last couple of nights. Still not finished but getting there, just needs pinning. Ok here goes:

Before drilling, I needed to check the drill size was ok for pinning all 60 x 1/32″ pins without the need for glue. I used a 0.75mm drill in a piece of test material and it worked really well. I used the drill as a press

Then setup the wheel on the CNC rotab and drilled the holes

Took a bit of a risk as I feel I can make a better job of the crossing out on the mill rather than by hand. However, the arbour wasn`t strong enough so risked moving it to another bigger chuck. I managed to centre it and of course checked it before I started any cutting but it worked out well.

Now all the front face and crossing out needs fully cleaning up. Problem is that when it is pinned you can`t really get at it all so the wheel needs totally finishing before being pinned.

Finally after hours of trialing various methods I managed to get a method to cut the pins down to about 20 seconds a pin.

Knocked up this little punch. Both parts are silver steel and hardened. The small bit is obviously the punch and the large part has a matching hole of dia 0.22″ (iirc) which is the length of the pin required. The large section is also cross drilled 0.8mm

Just got given a set of letter stamps so thoughts I`d try and use some for the first time putting my initials on the new tool 😀

I milled two flats on the bottom of the large section so it can be held in the vice. Setup like shown below with the red box to collect the pins:

To pin the wheel I took a small piece of steel bar, drilled 0.8mm ensuring that with the pin pushed in fully, a small length was sticking out to push all the way through the brass of the wheel. I put a few tiny magnets on the pin holding guide to hold the pin in place which was just coping how “Gadget Builder” did when he built this clock.

Complete pinned wheel !!

Next to make the arbour and supporting frames and get it mounted on the clock. Then back to remake the count wheel !!