I started working on the clock again this week, didn`t get very far but here is an update on the bridge plate and pillars:

Marked out the plate:

And roughed to shape with a file:

I then went a made a depth stop for my lathe as described by John (Bogstandard) in his “backstop” thread on madmodder.

With the backstop, it was easy to get two the same length solving all previous issues when I`ve tried this!

I then drilled a tommy bar hole in the end to ensure we can tighten these onto the back plate:

The bottom end of the pillar is threaded M3 but I had concerns that I couldn`t thread it all the way using a die, I always end up with an untreaded stub so consequently it won`t screw down to the shoulder. I normally just nick this with a parting tool but with only 1/8″ of thread, I wanted as much thread as possible. So instead of threading, I drilled and tapped and using loctite, glued in two M3 screws, letting the glue dry and then cutting the thread to size:

As suggested in the plans, to profile the pillar I screwed it into a piece of scrap barstock threaded in the lathe and could then work on the entire length.

And the two finished:

And the pillars and bridge mounted on the backplate:

Next thing is to drill the pivot holes and so it is suggested I remove the pillars and drill through the bridge and packplate together to ensure they are aligned!