I received my EasyPIC 6 dev board a few days ago and I`m thrilled with it. It really is a super slick bit of kit! Ease of use is just immense and I had it running and programming within about 5 minutes of plugging it in and installing MikroC.

Here is my vid of a few clips of me playing around with the board and its functions:

I`m not going to do a huge review as there are already a few out there by people much more knowledgeable than me but I`m just going to mention some of the bits that I like …

This board has an inbuilt COG LCD display so a display is always on hand:

It of course has the LCD port as well so you can have a second display (or more likely use the COG for debugging). Mikro only sell a 2 x 20 char display but I purchased a couple of 4×20 LCDs of ebay for about £5 and my mate soldered a standard IDE socket on the back – it plugs into the board just fine. You can see it in use in the video along with the COG.

It also has an expansion port, which obviously expands the number of available ports. As of yet I`ve never filled the available pins on a 40 pin PIC so have no use for it yet but it does the job. The COG is actually attached to this so you have to enable the expansion port to get the COG to work.

Also, the easyPic6 has the new matrix keypad which is a really smart extra! Along with the direction and button pad below. I am sure this will come in very useful and saves having to buy the add-on matrix pad.

It also has some “cool” improvements over the earlier models such as an ice blue “program” LED – which of course makes programming go much more smoothly 😉

I have just purchased the G-LCD with touch screen adaptor but as of yet I`ve not even plugged it in. I`ve heard very good things about it.

I have seen the Arduino development boards a few weeks ago and had the opportunity to play around with one for a couple of hours and for both ease of use and actual board content, the Mikroelectronica stuff blew it away in comparison – IMO!