Finally, a gear has worked! I went around first with a slitting saw of smaller width than the cutter tip and to just a few thou short of the full cut.

This removed a good bulk of the metal and as soon as I swapped over to the gear cutter, I could tell cutting the first tooth that cutting was much smoother! The cutter did pick up a bit of a burr (I think perhaps I need to make sure my next cutter is a bit sharper)

I also used a much bigger washer to protect the little spigot but it also supported my teeth more even though it meant cutting into it. I don`t think I needed it actually but still, it seemed to work.

…and then cleaned up and put on some 8mm silver steel for a proud picture :ddb: I`m chuffed 😀 So just like the plans call for, a 48 tooth 32dp gear. I just need to make a 24 tooth gear that will mesh with it…I guess that is the real proof of the pudding!