In my attempt to bore between centres I have come across the issue that my Boxford does not have a T-slotted cross slide so I`m going to struggle holding the work onto the saddle/cross slide. I recently found Boxford did produce a boring table. (links broken and removed)

The bottom is the same round dove tailed attachment that the compound slide uses:

I figured if I could turn up a similar spigot and bolt it to a plate it would lock down tight just like the compound slide.

So I turned the spigot by making a form tool as I realised the angle wasn`t critical, it just had to be angled so that the grub screws pull down on the taper. So here is the spigot sitting on the plate and I also turned a small approx 0.5mm register on the bottom of the plate to locate the spigot.

Spigot sat in register:

Bolted in place and profile of spigot:

…and locked into position, very firm and certainly won`t move!

Now I just need to decide how to finish the top. I did consider T-slotting it but I`d have to buy a suitable endmill which will cost. I think perhaps the best way will be to drill and tap in a 1″ square grid?
The plate is 3.75″ x 8″

I decided to tap M10 as this is thread on my clamping kit. There are also 4 M6 holes at the extreme corners, I don`t know why, I just thought that may be useful for holding work down. I wish now I had started nearer the edge with the M10 holes but never mind. Worse case is I make a new plate although I doubt I`ll need to. Here is the plate mounted

I just had to clamp something down to test it out :-/

Now I can hopefully use it in boring between centres to hold my work down to the cross slide.