I picked up the electronics tonight and will post more details about the source shortly. The electronics to make the indexing divice came to short of £30. I already had a Nema23 stepper motor and Routout Driver 2.5A which were also used. The Driver is shown below:

This is the indexer:

Apparently the electronics is quite straight forward since the “brains” in programmed in the chip. If I`m being honest, it means nothing to me…

However, its functionallity does and it is TRUELY EXCELLENT!!
These are the functions:

I will discuss the rest in time as and when I have played with it more and taken pictures but basically you can step by 0.01 of a degree, 0.1, 1.0 and 10 deg with quick single steps. You can jog in any steps. You can divide 360 in to 0-999 divisions. Continually rotate the table in either direction and even programme in command steps! It is brilliant! Backlash compensation is also included!

To divide which I need for my clock building, you select it from the start menu and enter the number of divisions:

You then press the direction button to move directly to the next division!! No fuss, just a button!!

I just need to encase the hole lot and make some labels for the buttons (which I now know off by heart after using it for the past couple of hours without any markings)!