*This project was never completed*

After seeing my mate Steve’s router out of the corner of my eye one visit back during the Christmas period I`ve been frequently going on cnczone to eye these machines up. As is usually the case with the internet, and that is part of its brilliance, there are countless ways to make these and every time I`ve been close to getting started something has put me off. When my brother-in-law started to build one back a few weeks ago that just tipped me over the edge with determination and I had to make a start!!

My plan is to build a fixed gantry machine so the table with move on bearing draw slides (kindly donated by Steve – cheers mate!!) These are heavy duty draw slides and are like nothing I`ve seen before, certainly nothing at B&Q! For the other two axis I`m going to use ground 1/2″ drill rod running over home machined phos. bronze bearings. It certainly sounds good, I just hope it works!
The router will be made almost entirely out of 3/4″ MDF.

I took my plans earlier today to the hardware store who cut all the bits I need for now:

Here are the draw slides:

I then I cobbled together the main base and base stands to just lift it iff the ground:

And the length is due to the length of the draw slides:

Lots more to do but it is a start!

More time spent on the router – I managed to secure the table to the base on the slides (it`ll have to come off soon to fit the lead nut).

This is the lead screw – trapizodal with nuts ordered from MerchantDice on ebay. Excellent delivery – I ordered 10am and it came 11am the day after!

It runs on bearings at either side of the bed with plenty sticking out of one end for the motor:

Here is the lead nut – I now need to secure it to the table with very little room between the table and bed.

Video of the x axis running: