Here it is, the build and then finally a video of it in action:


Steve Ward has detailed his CNC divider in more detail on his website:  There you can download the hex code, manual and PCB, plus much more in terms of details and explanations.

Finally, last one on here now until I get some videos of it in action but I have finally mounted it to the wall. It is on removable brackets so can come off quickly if needed.

The picture shows it mounted next to my mill. Sorry about the background, the ladders in the background are the old redundant ladders down to the coal bunker, now workshop.

Sure, I could tart it up a bit but it does its job 100% and it works great. It also had enough torque to actually mill on the rotation. If any of you can put the electronics together or find someone who can for you, then it is certainly a worthy project and pretty easy!