I ordered the Knole DC RX a couple of week back from http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~walfor/simple.htm
The kit arrived within a day of ordering and then it sat on my work bench for some time while I plucked up the courage to take the soldering iron to it.

So many holes, so many components and so little radio knowledge!

Instructions are incredible, lots of detail and nice preamble just to set the scene for the build. PCB has no silk screen and this was a little daughnting at first but the excellent instructions and component layout diagrams makes up for this.

First step was to setup the mechanical parts on the front panel.

Then tack solder the panels together. This was much harder than I expected and it didn`t look as clean as I was hoping at the end, but pretty solid and secure.

First step was to setup the voltage regulating part of the circuit and turn it all on and check voltages:

Then onto the output stage:

And finger/screwdriver buzz test:

Finger buzz test worked fine and voltages the same so it was OK to continue to the VFO and toroid winding!

and that is where I am up to so far. I haven`t got a frequency counter so I`m now a little stuck trying to tune in the VFO. Apparently for the 40m that I am trying to set this up for require a VFO freq count of between 5.0 – 4.8 MHz. I have just managed to get hold of a yupiteru mvt-7100 scanner and I can apparently use this instead of a counter….I just need to figure out how!