Got on with it a but more tonight. I`ve threaded everything and turned it down to size so that all joints are flush. Problem is that it now looks like a aluminium cigar tube or as my wife put it, a metal tapon holder :bang:

Exploded picture of the parts so far, blind cap, barrel, section and cap

This is the section made of brass. I decided to make my own section and glue in an Esterbrook nib down this 6mm section bore.

Section pressure fit into the barrel. It will also be glued in at the very end when I`m happy with it all. It isn`t to stop it coming out, it is to stop the ink leaking out!

And here it is also together – a plain cigar tube!!!!! :bang:

Here it is again mocked up with a nib. The nib will actually sit much lower in the section so should look a little fatter and more in line with the pen

Help – any suggestions. It is lifeless! More profile? Brass insert bands? Glass ink level viewer? Clip?