If you are interested in clock making or engineering or have any sort of enthusiasm for machine tools, than I`ll be interested in talking to you.

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About Me:

My ambition has always been to make my own clock and at the age of 18 while at uni, I purchased a Unimat 3 lathe,I  tried to cut a wheel, had no idea what I was doing, failed and so I sold the lathe and that was the end of that for a short while. Now,  10 years later I have returned to model engineering and have spent the last few years gaining experience working with metal. I have built a few small steam engines, notably a Stuart 10V Steam Engine and more recently the Webster IC engine. During this period I have built up a small home workshop at a low cost.  I am not an engineer by trade and therefore this is all a learning curve, books and the internet being my primary resource although during the last few years I have met a number of exceptional engineers from whom I have learn a lot. If you have any advice or words of encouragement then please feel free to contact me or better still leave a comment on this site.

I post a log of all my experiences with all my projects on this website, I hope you enjoy the read and find time to write a short message. This website certainly does not attempt to serve as a showcase