I`ve recently been trying to sort out the house and have had very little time to do any projects over the last 6 months which is why it has been quiet on here. So in the interest of at least showing that I haven`t been idle, here my latest “home” project, a parquet floor which I think may interest some of you.

I was intending doing some inlay designs in the oak blocks on my cnc machine:
I just wanted something simple to try so I choose a star/compass with a N letter. It could be much more intricate but for now I wanted to just go with a single wood inlay. The parquet block is oak and the inlay is in maple.

Using VCarve, which I must say in my opinion is probably the best piece of software to match its quite complex function, that I`ve ever used! I created a vcarve path in the oak block. I then inverted the image and created a v carve path between my image vector and a rectangle I`d purposly added and drawn outside of the material boarder. This then cuts the material in the inverse and you get the image above the main timber level. This takes a lot longer as it has to remove all the extra.

Push the male into the female and glue.

Machine away the excess material and sand level:

OK, only a simple inlay but I couldn`t have even dreamed of doing this by hand. To get the “N” so well pronounced as well. I bet it would take a little more sanding and I would hope that would make the edges even sharper.

That all done, I was concerned that it might look a bit cheesy and so I didn`t bother with the inlays! The floor is reclaimed oak parquet blocks, about 90 year old blocks and probably 150 year old wood! I layed a boarder of maple around the edge of the floor.
Top images show the dark and dirty old parquet going down with differences of up to 3-4mm in some areas! The bottom left shows the floor sanded and the bottom right the floor oiled and waxed.