Well in the little bits of time I pinch in the workshop, I`ve made more progress.

I`ve put the 6mm ply table on 225x225mm with the belt and motor in place for the Y motion:

I`ve gone for a double bearing rather than using the printed bearing holders… tough one as lots in the IRC said there bearing guides worked fine but a few said this method is better:

Bearings in position and belt grips shown:

The the x axis built and clipped into place:

Carriage running on linear bearings on the X axis

Lead screws for the z axis along with nuts and springs:

Turned down some little couplings for my lead screws as the printed ones wouldn`t hold. They are M8 one end and grub screw 5mm bore the other:

and currently as it stands:

Next job is to add the belt to the carriage and mount the motor and then I think I`ll be looking at assembling the extruder!