I am now at a stage where I can extrude plastic!!

Here is the extruder built up:

the extruder has some gearing which ultimately turns a hobbed bolt which grips the filament and forces it down through the nozzle:

All the electronics are wired up. I`m using RAMPS 1.4 with polulu drivers. The wiring is a mess and is the next step – getting it all tidy!!

So I didn`t do any calibrating and managed to get the motors moving. I didn`t realise that pronterface software had an extrude button and so I printed a test cube which didn`t turn out great but I was chuffed to bits!

…so what do you print when you`ve just built a 3D printer…. ?

A Ring Mustache of course!!!

My daughter likes the mustache!!!

So then onto something a little more tricky! Which first required me to calibrate the system. It wasn`t far off which is why it allowed me to get something half decent in the mustache and the square.

I decided to give this a go: It isn`t anything functional but it has a massive overhang and imagined it would be pretty tricky!

Here is a video of it doing an overhang:

Next to calibrate properly!