I did my usual and rushed in places. I just can`t help it as I was dying to see some plastic being extruded. Now I have a running machine, I spent time calibrating all the axis properly. Now it is calibrated, the bed is level and everything nice and square, here are my results:

If anyone makes one, learn to tune the E step on the fly with M92 E …. with G-code!!!!!!! Two night work sorted in 5 minutes.

Also, I`d got a wierd copy of Marlin. I`ve moved over to Sprinter now.

Z axis was out by a mile… now it is square my prints look v good!

Here is a case for my new Raspberry Pi!!


I also printed a spool holder/reel for the filament:

The plastic PLA filament that I ordered didn`t come on a reel. I didn`t think this would be such an issue but actually it is really important that the extruder can just nice and gently pull filament off the real when it needs it. Consequently, you need some sort of dispencer. If you get a real with your filament, there are quite a few designs with bearings that just allow the reel to unwind but I needed a reel as well.
Here is the prusa buildings itself a filament dispencer and reel!!

Confidence has grown and so I`m now printing fuller plates. This does mean more that can go wrong if it does fail but of course less time and messing around changing prints.

All parts printed and assembly started. Used just over a meter of M8 rod as well:

I also wanted a way to mount the reel. My workshop has joists exposed above head and so I made these two little clamps. Sadly I`ve no pictures of them in use but the part with all the holes gets screwed to the joist. M8 rod going downwards (clearance from the ceiling), nut is included in the design. The only little brackets then allow you to mount an 8mm bar horizontal which the reel then sits on. It works well..

The reel assembled and on the floor. You can see it freely rotates on skate bearings.


A video of Yoda`s head being printed as a test piece: