After passing my Foundation Licence only a few weeks ago, I wanted to work SSB on 2m and my roof mounted vertically polorised colinear X200 clearly wasn`t up to the job. I decided to try a homebrew 3 element Yagi, the dimensions and details were all provided by Neil, many thanks:

1. Reflector – 1040.6mm long and fixed at the end of the boom.
2. Diven element – 2 lengths of 475.3 – 10mm gap between them. each individual part of the driven element is insulated from the boom and each other.
3. Director – 842.8mm long and fixed to the boom 737mm from the reflector.

I started of with the parts: 12mm steel rod – 2m length, 12mm steel rod – 1m length, 20mm square ally tubing – 1m length, 20mm dia clear acrylic bar.

I then started on the driven element, making my acrylic insert that would slide into the 12mm tubing and provide a 10mm insulated gap between the two. They needed to be a tight fit so that the driven element would remain rigid as one despite the gap.

The insert in one of the sides of the driven element:

Both connected, nice and tight fit and they felt pretty rigid:

Then the driven element was mounted in a box to protect the cables and insulate from the boom:

I then needed to produce some sort of insulating mounts to hold the elements correctly on to the boom. I had some plastic mounting blocks knocking around, so using a 12mm drill I drilled a half circle into a couple of these:

I bolted the elements onto the boom and there it finished – a 3 element Yagi for use on 2m. A brief test portable showed it to work really well but I`ll post more when I have tested again.