I managed to get some snaps and make a little more progress :ddb:, although a step back at the same time :palm:

Here is the wheel mounted on the clock:

I then started the count wheel arbor:

I didn`t get any photos of burnishing the pivots on the wheel, so here is my simple setup I used. This was actually on the count wheel pawl pivots

Here is the count pawl and pivot

…and then with the bracket, please bear in mind it all needs polishing. Notce that the side frames are also pinned to keep the pivot holes aligned.


I did say some bad news, that being that my deep tooth is too deep and the angle of the tooth too steep so that the pawl gets stuck when it drops into it. I`m a bit dissapointed but things look like they are going to work OK !

I continued making the back stop and got to a stage where I could properly test the count wheel: