Well after my efforts in facing up yesterday and the comments I recieved regarding the methods I used to hold the standard, I thought I`d continue with this tonight. I did appreciate that when I bore the standard I would need to face up the top surface for the bore and cylinder mouning surface to be 90deg to each other so I have enough left on the length of the standard to work with it further.

So first up was using Kwackers advice of turning up a bar to fit well through the unmachined standard bore, thread the end (M10) and bolt up the standard. As explined, this ensures the feet are square to the bore.

Sorry for the pictures, my camera battery has gone so they are taken on my phone!

Now the feet are machined, I made some clamps so that they can slot around the casting centre of each foot. This looks to be how it is done from looking at my pictures in the original book “How to Build a Model Steam Engine” machining a 10V. It seems to be nice and solid and secure.

Next to boring it out!