I had a week off due to being away with work and then when I came back had man flu and felt terrible. However, I had withdrawal symptoms from the workshop so braved a few hours down there, in which time I managed to break my Shumatech DRO, destroy a shop light, fail in attempting to fix an old DTI I had been given and worse of all, muck up my bottom cylinder cover. I can only blame it on not feeling well as I did the most stupid thing. I had the cover mounted on my rotab and to roughly alight the cover I had a small spot drill in the chuck and moved the cylinder cover to align the center drill into the centre hole of the cover. Then the shumatech died on me so I started messing with that, started to move the axis by hand, it wouldn`t move. Stupidly I applied a bit of pressure…axis still wouldn`t move. I then realized I`d left the drill in the centre hole of the cover and had deformed the nicely bored hole for the piston rod ! what was worse is that I`d used all the supplied metal.
So I`ve messed around all week, still not 100% until the last few days and managed to bring myself to continue. Rather than order new material and start again I have tried to bush the hole and it seems OK – the hole is concentric with the main cover and square to the face.

I also used the cylinder covers as I planned as a jig to drill the holes in the cylinder. This has worked great and I`ll use the bottom cylinder cover in the same way to drill the position of the holes on the standard.

Anyway…no progress, in fact a back step but back onto it again now!!