I`ve been making some steady progress on this engine and finally I feel I`m getting somewhere. I finished the bearings but it was hard work. My drill wondered on the first hole which made it very tough to re-centre. I managed it by bolting a small strip of steel on the underside of the flat face which I used as the datum as it was this surface giving the relative position to the bore. I bolted both next to each other on this plate and then trapped in my vice. I then held it in the vice and pushed the drill through slowly from the other end. This worked really well and centered the hole. I finally reamed to size:

I then went onto the crank:

I did the webs first. I cut the 2″ stock in half and soft soldered the two pieces together drilling the holes and filing the radius (which worked well – I`m getting better at filing!)


And attached the assembly together ready for cutting the middle section out during my next session.